Navico NMEA2000

Navico is the Brand that owns Simrad, Lowrance and B&G. Navico brought the three brands together some years ago to share their techologies and create one of the largest marine electronics companies in the world.

Since then, the three brands have all adopted NMEA2000 and rather than have three sets of part numbers for the same cabling system, one common set of product has been created to cover all three brands.

Simrad does still have some SimNet product although this is gradually reducing. SimNet is basically NMEA2000 but using a different cabling system. This originates from before the NMEA2000 MicroC connector format was adopted by the NMEA standard. Much of the data is cross compatible between NMEA2000 and SimNet. 

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Navico N2KEXT-2RD - 0.61 m (2-ft) NMEA2000 Cable
Navico N2KEXT-2RD - 0.61 m (2-ft) NMEA2000 - 000-0119-88   N2KEXT-2RD - 0.61 m (2-ft..
£31.00 £24.17
Navico N2KEXT-6RD 1.82 m (6-ft) NMEA2000 Cable
Navico N2KEXT-6RD 1.82 m (6-ft) NMEA - 000-0127-53   N2KEXT-6RD - 1.82 m (6-ft) NMEA..
£50.99 £39.17
Navico N2KEXT-15RD 4.55 m (15-ft) NMEA2000 Cable
Navico N2KEXT-15RD 4.55 m (15-ft) NMEA - 000-0119-86    N2KEXT-15RD 4.55 m (15-..
£50.99 £39.17
Navico N2KEXT-25RD 7.58 m (25-ft) NMEA2000 Cable
Navico N2KEXT-25RD 7.58 m (25-ft) NMEA - 000-0119-83    N2KEXT-25RD 7.58 m (25-..
£71.99 £54.17
Navico N2K-4-WAY NMEA2000 4 Way Connector
Navico N2K-4-WAY NMEA2000 4 Way Connector - 000-12612-001   Navico Micro-C 4 way con..
£50.99 £39.17
Navico N2K-T-RD NMEA2000 T-Connector - 000-0119-79
Navico N2K-T-RD NMEA2000 T Connector - 000-0119-79   Navico Micro-C T connector for ..
£22.00 £16.67
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